Q4 2022
  • Official launch of WeRent Service Platform
  • V2 Webpage Release
  • Release Staking & Governance function
  • Multi-chain network support (Ethereum, Klaytn)
  • Engage in Partnership and collaboration with GameFi
Q1 2023
  • Release Earn function
  • Onboard NFT artist and p2e projects into the ecosystem
  • Acquire strategic partnership with NFT marketplace
  • Host an NFT and Web3 event for community
  • Multi-chain and L2 expansion (Polygon, Binance Smart Chain)
Q2 2023
  • Initiate Development of Rarity Check Integration
  • Engage in the promotion of the community rewards program (NFT, Token)
  • API Integration of Rent and Lend features
Q3 2023
  • Obtain a strategic partnership with the NFT marketplace
  • Co-host an NFT Event
  • Onboard NFT project to WeRent ecosystem
  • Initiate Development of WeRent Mobile App
Q4 2023
  • Strengthen community engagement on WeRent ecosystem
  • Multi-chain and L2 expansion (depend on market condition)
  • Acquire strategic partnership with Metaverse project
  • Initiate update on algorithmic WeRent App V2
  • Additional multi-chain + L2 Expansion (depending on market conditions)
  • Rarity Check Integration
  • NFT, Token (Rewards/Airdrops)