Collateral Free

How to Lend Your NFT Collateral-Free on WeRent
Experience the freedom of collateral-free lending on WeRent! Our innovative platform now allows you to lend your NFTs without requiring collateral from renters. This seamless approach enhances accessibility and opens up new possibilities for both lenders and renters, ensuring a smooth, secure, and hassle-free transaction. Dive into the future of NFT lending, where trust and convenience meet.

Step 1: Connect Your Wallet

  • Navigate to WeRent and connect your digital wallet.
  • Select the blockchain network your NFT is on: Polygon, BSC, Ethereum, or Klaytn.

Step 2: Access the Lend Page

Once your wallet is connected, go to the "Lend" page on the WeRent platform.

Step 3: Choose Your NFT for Lending

From your wallet’s collection displayed on the platform, select the NFT you wish to lend out.
Choose the NFT you wnat to lend

Step 4: Set Your Lending Terms

  • Select Category: Choose a category that best describes your NFT.
  • Rent Duration: Set the maximum duration your NFT can be rented for.
  • Currency: Choose the currency in which you'd like to receive your rental fees—native token (MATIC/Polygon - BNB/BSC - ETH/Ethereum - KLAY/Klaytn) or USDT.
  • Daily Rent Fee: Specify the daily fee renters will pay to use your NFT.
Set category - rent fee

Step 5: Lend Your NFT

  • After setting your terms, click on the "Lend NFT" button to proceed.
  • A transaction will be prompted on your connected wallet to approve the lending process. This action will require a gas fee, which varies depending on your selected network.

Final Step: Approve the Transaction

  • Review the transaction details in your wallet and confirm to approve the lending of your NFT.
  • Once approved, your NFT will be listed as available for rent on WeRent, all without requiring collateral from renters.