🤘WeRent Overview

Among the planned services, WeBuy would like to first present to you our NFT renting and lending service called WeRent.

WeRent is the easiest way for anyone to rent and lend non-fungible token (NFT) assets. Those who contemplate about buying an NFT from a specific project can either rent the NFT and experience the utilities or benefits that come with the said NFT. NFT rentals will be for individuals that need an NFT for a specific period. Ranging from art to utility NFTs, renting will not be limited to PFPs.

WeRent wants to vitalize the utilities and usage of NFTs. Our NFTs will always come with a form of utility, as utilities are what gives an NFT value or market value. We believe in generating income not only to those who rent NFTs, but who lend them as well. As P2E and PVP games are becoming more popular, gaming NFTs will be needed to play. Not only will that be used for gaming, in-game assets as NFTs can be used for digital fashion, accessories, guns, skins, cars, or digital real-estate in the games.

As the Metaverse grows, the NFT market will grow exponentially, creating new economic aspects in the new digital era. Apartments, houses, pads, billboards, land; all these spaces and even billboards can be rented and up for grabs. Concert tickets, festivals, or sporting events can also be used via NFT renting. As NFTs are already changing the world, NFT rentals will bring new opportunities to individuals.

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