Use Case

Project GodJira
There are many utilities and benefits of renting NFTs. Each community and their NFT have their own benefits and special events. In the case of Project GodJira, they have meet-up events and parties all over the world, some of them being in New York, Singapore, or even in Australia. NFT holders are also allowed to buy merchandise from their communities. If you rent an NFT from the WeRent platform, you will be able to receive the benefits from the NFT as lenders will be able to receive passive income for their NFT.
In the case of STEPN, a Web3 lifestyle app and NFT, people can earn passive income by exercising. If you’re currently taking a break from your fitness life, you can rent your NFT for your couple rest days for passive income. You can take advantage of your current situation by recharging your body and earning passive income during this stage.
WeRent will be the go to platform for NFT lending and renting services!