WeRent is a service that allows users to borrow NFTs using USDT as collateral. WeRent will launch WeRent-Fi, a service which will allow users to borrow ETH, KLAY using their NFT as collateral.
WeRent-Fi is an NFT flash loan service. The loan borrower (NFT holder) can receive an NFT flash collateralized loan based on the liquidity of the WeRent-Fi DAO pool. NFT flash collateralized loans use liquidity within the DAO pool, having the convenience of loans without waiting for the long process and approval.
WeRent-Fi Features
  • The borrowers (NFT holders) can take out a flash loan up to 30% of the NFTโ€™s floor price.
  • You can supply liquidity with ETH, KLAY, etc. to the WeRent-Fi DAO pool and earn interest.
  • You can repay the loan at any time during your loan period and receive your NFT back.
WeRent-Fi DAO
WeRent-Fi DAO pool deposits ETH, USDT, KLAY, etc., and service users can provide liquidity for flash-backed loans. Liquidity providers can earn a return on the interest when the borrower pays off the flash loan with interest.
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